THE GREEN LANTERN is a multi-purpose space striving to measure and document the collective consciousness of America today. By hosting performance, film, visual art, music and discourse, The Green Lantern provides a center where otherwise disenfranchised areas of specialization — science, visual art, philosophy, popular culture, &c. — communicate. It is committed to making its connection both public and tangible in order to mark the cornerstones of the era and provide some firm ground from which to develop further.

6 Responses to “Our Mission”

  1. aboutwriting Says:

    Hi! I really like your site. I started a blog on literature only recently, I’d be happy is you’d have a look:
    Feel free to dispense comments/advise.

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. How is this measuring and documenting progressing? Any insights gathered yet? Curious.

  4. Courtney Says:

    this site…amazing. people appreciate creative insight for such shallow reasons sometimes. you like “established” art? that which has been hemmed into the pocket of your jeans? ever wonder who it was exactly who brought this orgy of knowledge?

    i’m a victim of it too…that’s why i will finish this later.

    • urbesque Says:

      thanks for reading and responding- that said, i have to admit that i’m confused and don’t really understand what you’re driving at. it seems truncated. ?

      • courtney Says:

        very much so. i am wonderful at leaving my thoughts lingering in space until the next time i see fit to re-visit them.

        i suppose i just wanted to express my gratitude. i stumbled upon this wealth of creative expression while drinking with henry darger. just as i am realizing how isolated he really was, joni sorrowfully proclaims “i am a lonely painter, i live in a box of paints”. it just struck me. so, true to my generation, i plugged my emotions into the google search engine. this was the only result.

        an odd way of finding you, i know…but i just wanted to say thanks. sometimes, travelling through cyberspace can feel so lonely-it is nice to find a friend or two on the journey 🙂

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