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July 20, 2010


posted by Caroline Picard
Last week one of our authors, Devin King (Clops) read at a local reading event called Quickies. All authors are alloted 4 minutes during which they are to read a story of some kind. Devin posted the text of what he read and you see it by going here. This is an excerpt from the beginning:
Takeshi Mizutani’s guitar feedback is a circle built from tangents. Each tangent is the center of a two-dimensional vector-star that moves in vortices outwards and these stars can never touch except by violence. But the listener holds on to a secret, mongrel nature that expects the reverse in his musical substance; to them, Mizutani’s feedback becomes the stock characters of a post-war play or short story and the blank centers of the costumed stars enact a strange form of passive discipline, the irreversible movements of destined emotion.
You can also watch this youtube clip, to get a sense of the ambiance. (Incidentally, and ever so curiously, there was a photographer from some in-flight magazine who wanted to do a blurb on how Chicago hangs out. So so weird.)

The AmperLanterProof Last Chance Literary Blast for the Endtimes!

Oil is spewing into our waters and European volcanoes spit ash into the skies.  Earthquakes spreading like swine flu.  The end, clearly, is upon us.  So join Featherproof Books, Green Lantern Press, and Ampersand Books for a literary apocalypse kickoff party that would go down in the history books…if someone were around to write them.

Featuring the Five Horsemen (and women), cause for this apocalypse, Four just ain’t enough!

A D JAMESON is a writer, performer, teacher, and video artist. He is the author of the novel Giant Slugs (Lawrence and Gibson) and the prose collection Amazing Adult Fantasy (Mutable Sound), both forthcoming later this year. He regularly contributes to the group literary blog Big Other.

Tim Jones-Yelvington’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Another Chicago Magazine, Sleepingfish, Annalemma and others. His short fiction chapbook, “Evan’s House and the Other Boys who Live There” is forthcoming in Spring 2011 in “They Could No Longer Contain Themselves,” a multiauthor volume from Rose Metal Press. With Megan Milks, he co-hosts “Uncalled for Readings,” Chicago’s “mostly Queer, mostly prose” reading series. He is guest editing Pank Magazine in October as a Queer poetry and prose issue.

Lindsay Hunter is the co-founder and co-host of Quickies!, a Chicago flash fiction reading series. Her work has been published widely online, and her collection of slim fictions, Daddy’s, will be out on Featherproof books in September 2010.

Benjamin Lowenkron is a poet, artist, and horseman riding out of Baton Rouge.  He served as Editor-in-Chief of the New Delta Review and founded the Delta Mouth Literary Festival (the dirtiest, sexiest festival in the history of delta mud).  Katrina couldn’t kill him, neither could Rita, Gustav, or Ike. He has a chapbook, Preacher’s Blues out from Ampersand Books, and has been published in The Pinch, The Cafe Review, Unmovable Feast, River Writers, and Big Bridge. Sweet mercy

Adam Gallari is an American ex-pat currently working on a novel and pursuing a PhD at the University of Exeter. His essays and fiction have appeared in or are forthcoming in The Quarterly Conversation, Fifth Wednesday Journal, therumpus.net, TheMillions.com, anderbo.com and The MacGuffin. His first collection of short stories, WE ARE NEVER AS BEAUTIFUL AS WE ARE NOW is out now from Ampersand Books.

The Green Lantern Gallery.  July 9th.  7 o’clock.


Don’t let the world end without you.


October 12, 2009

re you ready for the greatest literary week of all time ever!?!

I thought so!
Friends of QUICKIES!, not only does this week hold our second ever FUNdraiser show, but it also welcomes Blake Butler and his new book, SCORTCH ATLAS, as well as the Another Chicago Magazine Release Party! New York can go crawl in a hole, CHICAGO is where it’s at.
Check out these amazing events!
Monday, Oct. 12th, 7 p.m.
Scortch Atlas book release party
No Coast Collective
1500 W. 17th St, Chicago

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 7:30 p.m.
QUICKIES!!! Reading Series FUNdraiser

This month’s QUICKIES! will kick your ass!

Aaron Burch
Blake Butler
Zach Dodson
Amelia Gray
Jac Jemc
Caroline Picard
Mary Hamilton
Lindsay Hunter
Elizabeth Wylder
Ben Tanzer
Kate Duva
Aaron Plasek
Casey Bye,
and Richard Thomas.

We have twelve amazing readers traveling from four states to join us for this show. Yow!

For only the second time ever, we are asking for handouts. In return, we will give our audience the best reading they have ever seen ever and if they’re lucky, a few audience members will win PRIZES.
The Inntertown Pub
1935 W. Thomas, Chicago


Thursday, Oct. 15th, 7 p.m.
Another Chicago Magazine (ACM49) release party

Sponsored by PBR(!)
Stop Smiling HQ
1371 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

You know what they say, they do it best in the Midwest.

Interview with Tobias

September 2, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

I recently came across this interview on-line and thought I’d post the beginning of it here….see what you think-

As you know, Tobias was the GL’s Assistant Editor around last year, is now the Mascot at Quickies (a badass reading series *holla Lindsay Hunter & Mary Hamilton*), also runs the superfab on-line journal FICTION AT WORK and recently put out a pretty fancy-pants book, “The Implausibility of Gnus.” A “best of” collection of Fiction at Work is coming out via The Green Lantern Press (that’s us) next year.

Read Meet Author: Tobias Amadon



jason – Posted on 04 June 2009

One of the more active participants in Chicago lit today is Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf. He edits the highly addictive and time absorbing on-line lit journal Fiction at Work. When not filling the work days of people around the world Tobias is also the Assist Editor of Green Lantern Press. His latest project is a full-length collection of stories being publish by the intriguing new non-profit organization Another New Calligraphy.

When I say active I also mean physically, Tobias will be involved in four different readings this month and it all started with this weeks ANC reading with Megan Milks and music from two fantastic local bands. If you missed that reading he will be reading at Quickies on June 9th, at Quimby’s on June 26th, and at The Orange Alert Reading Series on June 28th.

Recently, Tobias took some time of his busy schedule to answer a few of my questions.

Orange Alert (OA): You are involved in an exciting new Chicago-based organization called Another New Calligraphy. I’ve listened to the album by A Light Sleeper, I’ve seen Megan Milks’ Chapbook, but I am dying to know what you are contributing to this non-profit organizations ambitious line-up. How did you get involved with Another New Calligraphy, and what is your contribution?
Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf (TAB): Robin contacted me through Facebook, saying she’d read a story of mine online (I’m still not sure which one) and asked if I had anything book length. I did, and I sent it, and they liked it, and so a collection of 31 stories is coming out. They will be in a little box, on individual cards. I’ve seen the artwork for the slipcover, and it’s the coolest thing ever in the world. Ever.

The only downside is that because she contacted me through Facebook, and because you contacted me through Facebook about reading at Orange Alert, I feel like I can never ever get rid of Facebook….

OA: Speaking of exciting Chicago projects, what is new with Green Lantern Press? What does an assistant editor handle?
TAB: Well, the gallery is closing for a while, but should reopen in a new space next year. And the books part of the operation should continue rolling along. Sometime this fall The North Georgia Gazette will be coming out, which is a manuscript from a 19th century arctic expedition. It’s a handsome book, with lots of artwork and other little extras. As for what an assistant editor handles, I checked all the copy to make sure it matched the original (it’s an old book, which doesn’t exist in electronic form, so the other assistant editor, Lily Robert-Foley, had to type it up). I also wrote the Editors’ Note, explaining some of our editorial choices.


February 6, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

There are some exciting happenings coming up next week-

The Association of Writers & Writing Programs is having a grand old conference in our lowly Chicago town. To that end most of the writers round abouts are up to any number of things–different showcases of talent and promise. The Green Lantern Press is sharing a table with MAKE Magazine (so come find us!) and here too, is a wonderful poster with dates and evening events-


posted by Caroline Picard

You all should come out! It looks like it’s going to be a pretty great line-up-

and it’s a fundraiser and it’s always great to come out and support- AND a bunch of these authors have read or are scheduled to read at The Parlor….so come on down, I say…

55 word extravaganza!


The Innertown Pub
1935 W Thomas
Chicago, IL

Kyle Beachy, Dave Snyder, Tobias Amidon Benglesdorf, Heidi McKye, Zach Plague, Colt Foutz, James Lower, Jessi Lee Gaylord, Amy Guth, Spencer Dew, Nicolette Bond, Maria Parrott, Jac Jemc, Lauren Pretnar, Ben Tanzer, Sam Reaves, JT Litchfield, Kevin Fink, Amira Hanafi, Lex Sonne, Geoffrey Forsyth, Melanie Datz, Laura Goldstein, Kate Harbaugh, Marissa Plumb, Chris Bower, Jon Fullmer, Steve Tartaglione (tar-taglee-oh-knee), Josh Amidan, Jonathan Messinger