A peculiar short

January 18, 2010

posted by caroline picard

How One Found An Other Subsequently Lost

This man he cleans buildings he cleans classrooms offices supermarkets train stations. Late at night he cleans at night he cleans the corners of things when no one else is around to see. Most often alone, he sleeps most of daylight. Lat at night, he starts at the supermarket he pauses outside of the women’s bathroom, just cleanes, thinking very little, he can hear Howard the stock manager dropped a jar that sounds like spaghetti the jar makes the sound of smashing, thinking very little the man goes back into the women’s bathroom. He goes to the farthest stall. He does not clean the bathroom again he unzips his pants, he pisses in the corner. He laughs a little, a chuckle, but thinis very little. Goes about his day.

Home by the time the sun is rising. In bed by the time it’s rose. Sleeping in his sheets in his small efficiency.

It happens again and again, uncalculated at first, it seems accidentally he finds he often has to urinate after cleaning the women’s bathroom. And the bathroom at the supermarket starts to smell like him, an odiferous wallpaper, and it makes him happy. He starts to plan the pattern. He finds other bathrooms, he seeks out more public places. He likes the idea of pissing in a radius. It brings him out into the daylight. He watches people, women and men–waits to see when the bathroom is empty and likely to be for a while. When he thinks it will he empty.

As one might expect he is arrested.

“You are a bad man,” she says, the cop. “You disgust me.” She looks him in the eye. “You ought to be ashamed.”

On the way to the station, he is happy.

One Response to “A peculiar short”

  1. it is quite sad that most train stations these days are horrendously overloaded _

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