The Green​ Lante​rn blog is seeki​ng submi​ssion​s,​ of revie​ws,​ ficti​on,​ ephem​era,​ essay​,​ found​ or lost texts​,​ or anyth​ing that falls​ in betwe​en those​ categ​ories​.​ We are looki​ng for short​ submi​ssion​s betwe​en 1 word and 2,​000 words​ appro​ximat​ely.​ Reading the blog is the best way to determine what we like and publish. Pleas​e send all submi​ssion​s to lantern.g@​gmail​.​com.

Thank​ you!

12 Responses to “Submit”

  1. Cleo Says:

    hello green lantern

  2. mastadonzq Says:

    I like this blog a lot, it reminds me of my own in some ways. I particulary like your phrase “documenting America’s collective consciousness”. very apt…
    anyway you’re on my blogroll now


  3. urbesque Says:

    Hey Alex-
    thanks for the shout out and especially for coming back. It’s always great to find that folks out there in the ether are enjoy what we’re up to-
    take care and happy thursdays

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  5. Alphacore Says:

    Hello I thought you might be interested in my music project i see your blog highlights experimental projects and artists.. I’m Gabriel aka Alphacore I produce and create experimental compositions with the use of live ruby coding,text_2_midi & other forms of computer generated music. If you like to check out my music i have a blog at if your interested in exchanging links or just finding out more feel free to drop me a email back.

    Thank you for your time and look forward to chatting with in the near future.

    Gabriel Aka Alphacore

  6. –between 1 and 2000 words–Now–what ONE word would be worthy of submission? “WAR?” or ______?
    Am in the mindset to make such inquiry.

  7. rggblog Says:

    Very happy to see your interest in Frisch’s Man in the Holocene, a novel I feel has been overlooked. I don’t know if this is of interest, but I have just posted a long essay about Holocene here:

    And thought I’d pass it on. There might be other material on the site of interest.

    rgg at /rggblog

  8. Daniel Romo Says:


    I’m looking to submit, but my gmail says the address was not recognized. Suggestions?


  9. Dear Green Lantern Press,

    I tried sending an email directly, but the address wasn’t recognized. I am trying to get in touch with the author Nick Sarno. I would like to review his translation of A Season in Hell for Bookslut. I used to be friends with Nick in Pittsburgh and I wanted to contact him personally. If you could send me his email, or contact info., that’d be great.


    Sabrina Small

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