More Handshakes Performed

August 11, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

Another one of the forthcoming books, First Impressions, First Touch [Handbook] by A.E. Simns is also due out this next year–although, there is a fair bit of work that still has to come together, drawings primarily, so it may take a while. In the meantime, though, I sometimes manage to video people performing some of the handshakes from the book. At a wedding this past weekend, I witnessed the following, instructional sequence:

You can also watch this handshake again (to see the bride and groom, at whose wedding the preceding sequence was performed). You can click on this link to read something more about what kinds of handshakes are featured, or go here to read the preamble of the book. So many options.

posted by Caroline Picard

written by A.E. Simns and illustrated by Caroline Picard

Potato Face and The Moon-Halvers

A Story Otherwise Known As

The Man Who Lived All Alone in The Woods


April 28, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

This is just one of the many glorious handshakes contained in the forthcoming title, First Impressions First Touch [Handbook] by A.E. Simns.

More Handshakes

April 12, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard & written by A.E. Simns

18. The Comrade

A shake for friends and enemies both, this handshake to be used in such instances where you desire a firm intimacy. The Benefactor puts out a hand, eyes bright and hard and smiling. The Beneficiary takes said hand, and with rhythmic precision both Benefactor and Beneficiary use their remaining and respective hand to reach in and grasp the other’s elbow. In deceptive times a special knife (known as a knuckleswitch) has been worn which, when set off by a pressure pad on the palm, flicks out and shivs the opponent. Thus, just as this is a celebratory shake for friendship and loyalty, it can also stir up the panic of death.

19. The Rifle

Like The Comrade with a little more play, upon grasping The Benefactor’s elbow, pull the whole arm of your opponent up to your line of sight and cock it, as though it is a rifle and you are aiming to shoot something behind your opponent’s back.  The Rifle is an excellent anti-asasination solution to The Comrade, when assassination is suspected. The Rifle deflects any knuckleswitch without acknowledging suspicion for the other. It sends a message of protection and has been used as a secret handshake to demonstrate loyalty in darker times. To that end bother Benefactor and Beneficiary can execute The Rifle on one another simultaneously, thereby creating a metaphorical fortress of defense.

20. The Cold War

In which no hands are shaken, but both individuals stand across from one another, staring with unrelenting gazes.

posted by caroline picard

What follows is an excerpt from our forthcoming title, First Impressions First Touch, an index of handshakes by A.E. Simns.

Sundry, Deferred

1) It is commonly believed that if aliens exist and can take human form, they would not be able to replicate the complexities of the pinky joint. Aliens cannot bend their pinky fingers. Therefore it is imperative to shake everyone’s hand in order to see who can bend and who cannot.

2) The handshake is special.

3) The non-shake shakers such as babies, dogs, and the elderly are interesting, but they are not shakers.

4) The handshake is like any other tool, in that you should not use certain handshakes until you feel comfortable executing them properly.

5) The puppeteer is not necessarily the best handshaker.

6) The converse is true.

a shout out

June 4, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard


Lust & Cashmere got another shout out on this blog with regard to the IPPY award. It’s pretty exciting–and even feels phenomenal to catch any notice whatever, given that the operation we run here at the GL is so small. That said, I’ve always been excited about the final product, so hey world, thanks for noticing. I toast you back for innumerable other reasons. You’ve been good to us.

2009 IPPY !

May 8, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

We are the happy recipients of an award from Independent Publisher–they’ve given the Independent Voice Award to our very own Lust & Cashmere! I got the following off the IP website, so you can go here to check out the full list of award winners (and learn more about IP).

Announcing the 2009 IPPY Outstanding Books of the Year

Special awards recognize the daring spirit of independent authors and publishers

For 26 years our mission at Independent Publisher has been to recognize and encourage the work of publishers who exhibit the courage and creativity necessary to take chances, break new ground, and bring about change, not only to the world of publishing, but to our society. These medalists were chosen from our regular entries for exemplifying this daring spirit. Here are the winners of this year’s Outstanding Book of the Year awards, including two new categories established this year: the Independent Spirit Award recognizes the book project our judges found the most heartfelt and unique, and the Independent Voice Award recognizes the year’s most experimental, boundary-pushing voice among our fiction entries.