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Newcity published its Best Of 2009 issues and a show curated by Anne Elizabeth Moore featuring print artists from Chicago and Providence was listed in the Top 5 Print Shows of 2009. You can see more of the top five list by going here.

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I just came across this article by Bert Stabler and thought you might enjoy it. I’ve included the first few paragraph here:

Without You I am Nothing

Various Artists
Green Lantern, March 27th – April 25th, 2009

withoutyou_1In the recent edition of local Marxist pamphlet, “The Platypus Review”, David Harvey writes portentously of the dire consequences of ignoring his repeated insistence on “the geographical dynamics of capitalism” and “the production of spaces, places, and environments.” He goes on to present a believable, albeit not terribly radical, lay analysis of contracting global markets, but the zeitgeisty Situationist spatial motifs of the defanged aesthetic left seemed to be what he wanted to leave behind for his reader to mull over. It seems these days that the specter of the map is inescapable in the attempt to reclaim utopia, with the universal inhabiting the particular even more vividly in the cozy social microcosm than in Harvey’s attempt at a grand picture.

you can read the rest by following this link.

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Heya! We got a sweet write up in NewCity. You should check it out….I’ve included the first paragraph below.

Review: Without You I Am Nothing: Cultural Democracy from Providence and Chicago/Green Lantern Gallery


“Without You I am Nothing” features print work from both Chicago and Rhode Island artists. The viewers’ interaction with the artwork and with other visitors is integral to all the interactive pieces on display, so the exhibition is also an exercise in “relational aesthetics,” a fancy term for the radical idea that it’s okay to talk to someone else about art.

You can read the rest by going here.

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from the current show, curated by anne Elizabeth Moore–Without You I am Nothing: Cultural Democracy from Providence and Chicago

March 17, 2009















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Without You I Am Nothing

March 19, 2009

The Green Lantern Gallery & Press is pleased to announce a group show,

03.27.09 – 04.25.09

Without You I am Nothing,”

curated by Anne Elizabeth Moore

Featuring work by

Andrew Oesch, Angee Lennard, Agata Michalowska, Dan S. Wang, Myriel Milicivic, Kevin Haywood, Delia Kovac, DeWayne Slightweight, Karin Patzke, Heather Ault, Jason Tranchida, Jean Cozzens, Laura Szumowski, Matthew Lawrence, Meg Turner, Rob Ray, Sonnenzimmer, Xander Marro
In conjunction with the Southern Graphics Council, the opening will be held on Friday, the 27th of March from 6-9
with live musical performances provided by Helen Money, John Bellows, and DeWayne Slightweight from 8-11 pm.
A donation of five dollars is suggested to watch the music

In late capitalist America, we’ve become a bit too used to dealing with our visial culture in a certain way: by viewing it, memorizing it, consuming it. But intrinsically, we know that there are other, more fair ways to respond to the images that mediate our world. Without You I Am Nothing explores two distinct and vibrant worlds of mass-produced, artist-created prompts for cultural democracy, in Providence, Rhode Island and Chicago, Illinois.

These cities, which contain two of the most vibrant screenprinting scenes in the nation, have developed distinct languages for interactive poster-making. Artists in both locales mass-produce (or, sometimes, produce on only a small-scale) images and information that can be manipulated, or shifted, or changed. They are intended not to speak to an audience, but to be susceptible to audience response as well. Without You I am Nothing: Cultural Democracy from Providence and Chicago contains only posters that have one or more of the following elements: stuff that falls off (on purpose), windows, parts that move, space for new information, dials, buttons, removable elements, or other user-controlled, four-dimensional aspects of awesomeness. Simply put, these posters cannot exist without viewers’ input.
By linking the poster-making scenes of two different cities, Without You I am Nothing underscores the distinct visual languages developed for each community: Providence’s tight-knit group of experimental music-influenced, art-educated poster fans, and Chicago’s internationally renowned rock fans used to pristine lines and funny animals.
The print medium is neither site specific nor intrinsically democratic: freedom of the press, after all–the earliest form of mass communication–belongs only to those who own presses. Still, the print medium is the one on which democracy in the US was founded; print-makers have pushed the limits of their medium with innovative design and contents since ink was first put to paper in a desire to communicate with “the masses”.
Without You I am Nothing displays a wide collection of new, recent, and downright old works on paper that require more from the viewer than merely reading about, memorizing information on, and attending the event described in the poster. These may be malleable, 3-dimensional, tactile, transient, or somehow otherwise inclusive of elements that can move, deteriorate, or be removed; or bits that must be rubbed, poked, ripped, pressed, wettened, prodded, or yanked to achieve full poster satisfaction. Full poster satisfaction need not be guaranteed each viewer.
You can see more about this show by going to this link.

What’s Coming UP…..

December 11, 2008

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Without You I am Nothing: Cultural Democracy from Providence and Chicago

Without You I am Nothing: Cultural Democracy from Providence and Chicago is an exhibition of works on paper that are not intended for public consumption but to create small venues for public participation. It will be mounted in Spring 2009 at Chicago’s Green Lantern gallery.

My submission will be an homage to Lygia Clark. who’s amazing piece you see depicted on this post.
Without You I am Nothing is presented in conjunction with the 2009 Southern Graphics Council Conference, Global Implications.

Green Lantern Gallery
1511 N. Milwaukee Ave., 2nd floor
Reception: TBD
Dates: March 27, 2009 through April 25, 2009