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On Saturday I sat at a two-day book fair at UIC. Temporary Services and collaborators brought the Free Store to Gallery 400; The Free Store is a place where one can drop off and pick up things at no cost. As part of The Free Store, Temporary Services organized a series of talks by a variety of local arts organizations in the exhibition space. They also hung an exhibition. The photos are included below.

I sat next to David, who made sound portraits using potato chips, balloons, loose change, styrofoam, saws etc.

The GL Table at The Bookfair

The Free Store!

In commemoration of the Communist Manifesto’s birthday, people were invited to read passages into a bugle horn. I wish I could have made a video of just the mouth inside the horn. I think that would have been really pretty.

That said my favorite part about the show, as is always the case–my favorite part was seeing people, talking to them, seeing what they’re up to. I’ve been pretty busy this year, I think, working on things underneath the surface. I feel like I spend so much time working on getting the Green Lantern to a place where it is public again, and in the meantime I keep working on under-the-surface stuff, adminstration, organization–so much of my effort is about projecting on to the future, (a process I’m really excited by, too–it’s consuming a really great way) that being in a space with old friends doing really cool stuff, being in a place I had to sit at for six hours. It was great. I saw BadatSports folks, Golden Age was across from me, Spudnik Press, Temporary Services’ not-so-new press HalfLetter Press which is, not surprisingly, up to some amazing stuff, Anthony Elms from White Walls, No Coast, folks from Pilsen, ACRE–a residency program that takes place in Wisconsin and I’m still missing people–I mean really. It’s incredible the amount of energy and time people in this city put into their projects. I love it. It’s inspiring.


Next Week!!! Terri Kapsalis to read at The Parlor Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 at 7pm

Terri will read an excerpt from The Hysterical Alphabet as well as a new work. Following Terri’s 30 minute reading, she will take questions from the audience.


As always, the event will be recorded and published on-line for your repeated listening pleasure on iTunes and at

Terri is a writer, performer, and cultural critic whose work appears in such publications as Short Fiction, Denver Quarterly, Parakeet, The Baffler, New Formations and Public. She is the author of The Hysterical Alphabet (WhiteWalls) and Public Privates: Performing Gynecology from Both Ends of the Speculum (Duke University Press) and the co-editor of two books related to the musician Sun Ra.  As an improvising violinist, Kapsalis has a discography that includes work with Tony Conrad, David Grubbs, and Mats Gustafsson, and she is a founding member of Theater Oobleck.  She works as a health educator at Chicago Women’s Health Center and teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

All readings take place at The Green Lantern 1511 N. Milwaukee Ave, 2nd Floor


For more information, please visit or contact

The Parlor is a monthly reading series, hosted by Chicago’s Green Lantern and sponsored by Bad At Sports Podcast.