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I thought it might be a good time to post some more images of the current show-

I’m not sure why the images want to be sideways, but there is some info about the project:

And We Drew A City Together
Participatory City Building with Collaged Stickers

This project is about authorship of the city- about dictating our environment through individual desire and group effort.
What is this event going to look like?
When you walk in, someone is going to say “Hello.” You will be given a sheet of instructions and an allotment of stickers. On the wall there will be a large map with empty streets and over to one side there will be a table with scissors and markers. The stickers will consist of drawings of architectural elements and complete buildings. You and everyone else will have the job of cutting coloring, augmenting, collaging, and placing the stickers onto the map. Use what you have received and make yourself to build your ideal environment- it can be fantastical, or based on your current reality , there is no final goal. What do you want in a city? Take note – your city plans can and are encouraged to cover over the stickers of a previous participant but  – as conflicting desires may cancel one another, a following participant will soon change or build upon your plans! Together we will navigate the tension between our individual dreams and shared resources.

Before you leave, the city historian will take a picture of you and your construction, so both are remembered forever.
Oh, did we mention that the sheet of instructions is going to be a beautiful letter pressed print that you get to keep?
What do you need to do to prepare?
Think about your ideal city. Think about the one you live in. Come ready to play and explore with friends and strangers.