posted by Caroline Picard, transcribed by Nick Sarno and written by Henry Darger. This piece was originally published in Paper&Carriage no. 3, available here.

The Vivian Girls at the end of the World, Paula Rego, (b. 1935)

It had far more wallop than even a powerful atomic bomb.

Helpless to check their destructive wild fury she has none the less sent here wise men from our schools armed with every method and exact methods and with delicate instruments and they have assumed the tasks of observing and recording what ever may be gathered for the stock of human knowledge.
A most singular
unbelievable phenomenon.
The opening cloud
belly with irresistible
Among these eminent scientist is professor Snodgrass of the University of Front Royal Virginia. “To my mind,” he said! “The most interesting point about this tornado horror is the fact of the explosion of the child clouds it was this.  The protruding tongue turning into the twister did not go all the way down to the ground from its source, but pierced first through the chest, and with immeasurable force forced its way through the belly of the childs formation of cloud.
What ever was the cause this was the source of all annihilation.
The funnel that shot from the “childs” belly in an action like a bow pipe effect was actually shot in the direction of that woodland region and the vessels in the river roadstead along side of it.
The intense wild fury and immeasurable force of the blowpipe cut a patch through the full length of the woods and there is a very well defined line of total demarcation between the section it so savagely tore its way through.
Yet the most unusual point about this freakest formed cyclone is the fact that the awful twister exploding out of the childs cloud belly in a down to the woods direction, and afterwards took a horizontal onward direction and while it is too early yet to attempt a definite explanation of this singular phenomenon I am inclined to believe that the funnel tore through it to a very great length and following the law of gravitation descended [with] great velocity a velocity comparable perhaps with the swiftness of its onrush especially when it fell upon the end section of the woods and then tore on its was through with immeasurable fury.
Here it encountered the main woods in its progress and was accordingly deflected in a horizontal direction. Then good by to that portion of the woods.”
Likewise then what?  After the withering fury of the woods the horror of Johnstontown devastation, the knockout blow at Gleason City then the ill fated contour of grounds.  It was actually equal to a portent of universal destruction blazed before a terrified country [and] world.
It was the actual real beginning of the crash and most violent suction wind pull of the greatest tornado disaster of the age bursting with the most appalling immeasurable wind pull through these grounds. All Illinois was joyful in the beauties of late summertime prosperity and progress was reigning.
Suddenly out of that cloud belly came the shock of the most violent tornado ever on record the destruction of Johnstontown. Gleason, Jena, and Ground Contuor villiages villiages the disappearance of most of the people and all on the contour of grounds.
This terrible tornado disaster which overwhelmed and wiped out six miles length of the ground contour among the most peaceful and beautiful landscapes in the world, and even here destroyed an unknown number of lives in almost an instant and injure many more badly and painfully had about it a certain unique features that justify special attention beyond all other such strong and mighty wind cataclysm of nature.
It had far more wallop than even a powerful atomic bomb.
However stupendous and shocking the many different catastrophes of the past [may] be none of then can compare to this storm. It was a wind convulsion of nature tremendous beyond all man’s conception, immeasurable beyond measure, almost at our very doors.  It happened however _________________________________________________ the printing press and the newspapers and books had been invented also telegraph and telephone but these were now of no avail for nothing for weeks and weeks could depict the truth or the very scenes of the destruction itself because of the wiping out of all communications.
Now on August 15th 1913 the feast of the Assumption of Lady (Mother of God) comes a swirling cloud of devastating horror inconceivably tremendous almost as I say again at our doors, with all these invented agencies of modern progress at hand for recording and preserving every graphic detail and this kinetic harridan wipes them out.
Even the news of the tornado and the slaughter it had for as far as it had traveled could not even be flashed as far as St. Louis South.