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What follows is a series of clips from a video I made in which I collaged any number of clips from various sources to support a long story I’d also written (which is narrated). There are four parts to the series.

Part ONE

Part TWO

Part THREE (divided into 4 parts)





Part FOUR (divided into 3 parts)




Basho and the Baby

January 9, 2009

Posted by Nick Sarno


In The Records of a Weather-exposed Skeleton, Basho writes:


“As I was plodding along the River Fuji, I saw a small child, hardly three years of age, crying pitifully on the bank, obviously abandoned by his parents. They must have thought this child was unable to ride through the stormy waters of life which run as wild as the rapid river itself, and that he was destined to have a life even shorter than that of the morning dew. The child looked to me as fragile as the flowers of bush-clover that scatter at the slightest stir of the autumn wind, and it was so pitiful that I gave him what little food I had with me.

     The ancient poet

     Who pitied the monkeys for their cries,

     What would he say, if he saw

     This child crying in the autumn wind?

How is it indeed that this child has been reduced to this state of utter misery? Is it because of his mother who ignored him, or because of his father who abandoned him? Alas,it seems to me that this child’s undeserved suffering has been caused by something far greater and more massive–by what one might call the irresistible will of heaven. If it is so, child, you must raise your voice to heaven, and I must pass on, leaving you behind.”


This brief passage inspired the following video, directed by Babak Gray.