posted by Caroline Picard

Terri Griffith’s book, So Much Better, was called out as one of the five books to read now. The article begins, “In a time when Sarah Palin’s memoir is a best seller, it can be hard to locate books by out women at major bookstores. But even if you have to use the internet or (even better) support your local feminist/queer shop, there are quality books being published that are way more worth your time.” And So Much Better is one of them! You can read the whole piece by going here; Terri keeps great company with Terry Castle, Barbara Hammer, Joan Schenkar, and Michell Cliff. About So Much Better, they say, “It’s refreshing to read a story about a lesbian whose sexuality is the least of her problems.” Which is one of the many¬† reasons that I love Terri’s book so much.