June 30, 2009


  • Three men stand about the coffee stall reciting pi to the fifth decimal as if it were the Greek alphabet. They all agree on 1415, but each has a unique subsequent number, and they each have a ten percent chance of being right. One has predator eyes, and looks up from his cappuccino every time someone joins the line. His eyes tag them for a moment, and he interrupts the conversation on pi to offer a new fact about the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Santa Claus on the street is accused by a loiterer of being ZZ-Top. Santa Claus makes the mistake of smiling and stopping, and the street person quickly asks him for presents. Santa whispers through his moustache that he is really a vagabond, and they both laugh as friends.
  • Two drug addicts posing as punks sit outside the Nike store before it opens to talk about the day. One announces to the other the secret to life: “It’s science!” He then quickly tells the other to shut up.
  • An Asian mall security guard is perched like a Bedouin reading the book “The Agitator” on his 15-minute break. His eyes can barely see above the top edge of the book.
  • An obese tourist in a polo shirt walks with his nipples erect to the world.