What’s Going Down Tomorrow

November 16, 2008

posted by Caroline Picard
Chicago Indy Publishers have thrown down the gauntlet

Winter Badmintoneers!

Time is nearly upon us, and I’m pumped up. Like a pair of Air Jordans, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, like the Volume. Pumped up to play some awesome Badminton in the stupid cold. They’re calling for a few snow showers on Sunday, so conditions should be ideal.

So. What do you need to bring? Nothing but game. And maybe some booze. We’ll have chili, and equipment for all.

Many have you have asked about the rules. Here they are.

1. Your team must have a name. And two people on it. We’ll provide a partner if yours stinks or is absent.
2. Your outfits must be co-ordinated in some way. You can wear logo-emblazened pink snowsuits, or just have your matching ray bans on. Any gesture of camaraderie is acceptable. Dress for the weather.
3. Shit-talking is allowed. No hitting people with racquets.
4. Play to 15, must serve to win a point, win by two, alternate service. This should cover the rest of the rules: http://www.badminton-information.com/rules-of-badminton.html When we want to get really persnickety we’ll refer to rules like these: http://www.worldbadminton.com/rules/ or whichever rule book supports our argument best.
5. A team shall forfeit at the first signs of frostbite.
6. Our yard is small and fraught with trees, power-lines, and sinkholes. No complaining. Keep in mind that this is an Xtreme sport.
7. We’ll have a sign up sheet. Your team will play 2 games in a row for each sign up. A win earns you 2 points, and a loss earns you 1. We’ll use these scores to seed the championship bracket at the end of the season. This will all be clear later. Promise.
8. Nobody has to do anything. Including playing badminton.

Any questions, or quibbles, let us know. The road to glory lays ahead…

Zach & Ally