posted by caroline picard

The following poem was written by Lily Robert-Foley and published as part of National Poetry Month on the Angel House Press website. While what follows is merely an excerpt, you can read the poem in its entirety by going here. Did I mention how awesome Lily is? Lily is awesome.


spine the body mortal immortal fuel the head the head fuels spirit head spirit the head is on spine
spine the head heading of head: head. head hair hair of head hair on head head on on head spine
spine on body where there is head there is face faces faces face faces face face top to top of spine
spine temple body is side of face eye to see bridge of face to see eye look down face bottom spine
spine cheek kiss or slap.head is both body and spirit in language.palm lay pillow on cheek spine
spine earmark place where a mouth mouths mouth writes mouth open mouth close ear to spine
spine live in body body lives in crevices its own a neck long leadings into chest rest holding spine