The Wherecoyote

June 18, 2010

posted and written/drawn by caroline picard

posted by caroline picard

So here is the beginning of the video that I’ve been working on these last couple of days.

All of the footage is found–I’ve been colaging different film clips in order to reflect/resonate with the written text/story which is also a piecemeal of appropriated stories, i.e. taking Beuys and inserting him in the narrative, mixing that story with a combination of facts (Beuys as a Nazi Youth), the fiction he propagated as part of his myth making/art practice (that he was discovered by nomads) and laying over and through both of those elements my own narrative fiction which is totally made up (the hunting of the stag). In all of this I am interested in thinking about how we make myth, how wiki information reflects a kind myth making practice. I think of the video as a kind of mental stream of associations inspired by the text. While they are at times incongruous with the text (the woman with the chiuahua for instance), they nevertheless illustrate the narrative. In that way also, I’ve been thinking about the idea of “evidence” and how we come to believe what we believe. In other words, the visual evidence this film supplies to support the narrative is sometimes false–like the way one’s brain will sometimes supply the wrong word, say “bicycle” when it looks at a pair of scissors.

While this particular segment of the film is based in the past, the upcoming segments (which I have not posted) take place in the 60s and 2008–so here too, I assume a certain omnicient ambivelence, taking an a-temporal position as I describe each of those time periods, glomming them on to one another as I also glom and adhere different otherwise unrelated real events. The fiction then is the mapping a course through wandering rocks in order to then look back on the whole as a complete thing.