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This review was published in the latest issue of Proximity Magazine and written by Lilly Lampe. You can read the article in its entirety here.

fragments cover one version

David Carl’s Fragments is a novel told in snippets and vignettes.

The sentences follow the reason and order of a man’s explorative and scatter-brained thoughts, and is relatable by anyone who enjoys taking solo walks to air out thoughts (like I do).

Fragments is published by Green Lantern and available in that gem of a gallery in Wicker Park.

A relationship’s interactions portrayed in beautiful vignettes. Told from the perspective of a man obsessed with the nuances and constrictions of language “What about the fact that we have decided to allow the combination of approximately two dozen consonants and half a dozen vowels to represent everything we are capable of thinking, feeling, imagining?”

Carl’s novel in pieces detonates the preconceived novelistic form and collects the shrapnel and shreds of this glimpse into a literary relationship in a form that is perhaps a more accurate depiction of a train of thought.

The sole characters, He and She talk, or not.

posted by Caroline Picard

You should check it out!