posted by Rachel Shine

i found this poem “after hours” issue 10 at tower records.¬† remember them? ¬†they sucked, but had good things to read.
anyway, poetry.

At the Triple-R Steak House in Clarion, Pennsylvania

Charles Rossiter

The waitress is an energetic young

college student, obviously

smart and outgoing. She takes

our orders for beer and steak

and brings them with a smile

so busy being herself,

she doesn’t know how good it is

for the rest of us

to see such open-faced joy

and optimism. Her whole future

is out there and she’s going to

make it work. She’s going to

be a teacher she says

and I can tell she’ll be good.

Listen, I say, as if

I’m telling her an important secret

which I am

because I like her already

and can tell she’ll listen,

when you get to those kids

show them Modigliani.

The little ones always go

for Modigliani.

She has no idea what I’m talking

about and I can’t blame her

but she’s listening

and she’s still with me

her curiosity is so transparent.

Listen, I say, when you get to class

next week tell your professor


See what

he says to that. Tell him

you met someone at the steak house

who says Modigliani is the man.

Show him a couple of pictures

when you tell him.

It’s the long necks and almond eyes,

that gets them every time,

that and the something else

thing that happens

when the real and unreal meet.

Check it out yourself

you’ll see what I mean.