As the performance web site and calendar for the gallery is slowly coming together, I thought for my first blog post I’d give a quick overview of some of the different series and events we’ll be producing this fall.

The Open Secret: Curated by Brian Wallace and Joni Murphy, this series delves into how artists invest themselves in local community while still keeping an eye to the internet and the various new communities cyber-space affords. This series will be a mish-mash of artist talks, performances, and film screenings from those local and distant that’ll be wrapped up into a sassy publication.

Now It’s Dark: Local improvisor/art-music/nice hair dude Marc Riordan curates a series of experimental films with improvised scores other local improvisors. Marc was at the space yesterday telling me and Abby about one of the movies he’ll be showing: Peanut-butter and Robin the Boy-Wonder is all I’m gonna say. David Moré-who’s show of sound portraits is up at the moment-will be lending his singing saw to the movies, and Jeff Kimmel, Jason Roebke, and Brian Labycz will be around too.

Quiet Circle:More improvisation, but rather than facing a screen, the musicians will be arranged throughout the gallery–the better to make subtle noises that investigate spatiality and notions of collaboration at a distance, my dear. Everything I’ve ever seen curator Noé Cuéllar do is smart (pressed suit rather than SAT) and luscious (folds of thick corduroy rather than lip gloss): ten people playing politely in a circle isn’t just an idea he had, it’s his thing.

As Yet Untitled Experimental Movie Night:Co-curator Jesse McClean has been in Venice for the film fest for the last few days, so we’re still working out the title for this one, but it’s gonna be a doozy: three nights of film that investigate the connections between director and audience. 20 minute Van Halen solos? Middle school kids cussing? The entire cast of Hello Dolly recording the entire Harry Smith folk archive set under heavy sedation? One of these things will not be apart of this series. Co-curated with Eric Fleischauer.

As Yet Untitled Established Authors talking to Younger Authors:I really want to call this night Crosstalk! or At the Table! or Around the Coyote! (…) to give it the Sunday morning TV zazz I think it deserves. This night is being curated by Beth Sampson, who’s working on the new School of the Art Institute journal Dear Navigator, and she’s got poets coming out of her ears/flying in from all over, all of whom I can’t talk about yet. Why am I doing so? Because poetry is a passive-aggressive media.

The Parlor also begins tonight with Gina Frangello and continues through December: Atomix regular Adam Levin will be up in October reading from his new book from McSweeney’s and urban-running-womyn Lindsay Hunter reads sideways from her new featherproof book in November.


New location: 2542 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622

Normal Bias

A Solo Exhibition by David Moré

Opening Reception, September 11, 7 – 10 pm

August 21st – September 18, 2010

The Green Lantern Gallery is pleased to present Normal Bias, a minor business venture by artist David Moré. From August 21st – September 11, Moré will be setting up shop in the gallery space and welcoming passers-by to participate in his free service: a portrait studio rendering the customers’ likeness in sound. The finished portraits will be documented on audiocassette, or, if requested, digitally. To take part, visitors are invited to visit the space during the hours of operation (listed below). At that time, Moré will be working and you can sit for a portrait. The accompanying exhibition from September 11th through 18th will include sound portraits recorded over the month as well as a site-specific installation that utilizes the physical, architectural space as an instrument for an experimental, auditory composition.

Utilizing a variety of idiosyncratic and unconventional instruments (some found objects, some built by Moré), the resulting portraits are responsive in form and speculative in nature.  This unique service, based on a one-to-one encounter between Moré and his sitter, stems from Moré’s interest in inviting audiences directly into his process of making sounds and creating accessible and playful contexts to experience the results.

Opening the doors wide open and putting his way of working on display, Moré’s work inaugurates the Green Lantern Gallery’s new exhibition program. Normal Bias is the first foray in which the gallery space is used for artists’ research, highlighting the process through which artists’ arrive at their creative ideas, rather than the product of their inquiry. The Green Lantern Gallery’s thematic exhibitions and artist projects are thought experiments, models for critical and social engagement, poetic ruminations, and interrogations of the creative process from all angles.

Hours of Operation:

August 21st – September 10th.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 6-9 pm

Saturday: 10 – 7 p.m.

Opening Reception September 11, 2010, 7-10 pm

Exhibition will be on view through September 18, 2010

Closing Screening: Now It’s Dark, an evening of silent film accompanied by improvisational music, curated by Marc Riordan, September 18, 7 pm

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 11-6 pm and by appointment

2542 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60622


David Moré grew up outside Chicago; he has spent the past fourteen years moving between Wisconsin, Oregon, Minnesota, Maryland, and Missouri; and currently is based in Chicago. In 2004 he was quite honored to play his self-built instruments at the High Zero Festival of Improvised and Experimental Music (Baltimore), performing with such luminaries as Daniel Higgs, Joe McPhee, and Le Quan Ninh. He has remained involved with the High Zero Festival as Stage Manager ever since. His artworks, performances and sound installations have been presented through Harold Arts, Gallery 400 at UIC, and Vega Estates in Chicago.

The Green Lantern Gallery is a venue dedicated to showcasing emerging and mid career artists of all media in conjunction with the activities of Green Lantern Press and Lantern Projects. Each season, the Green Lantern Gallery develops thematic exhibitions and artist projects, supplemented by a range of public programming and publications from the Green Lantern Press. Committed to forming alternative and sustainable models for the distribution and presentation of noncommercial contemporary art, the nonprofit Gallery is partnered with the for-profit Bookstore, Cafe and Performance Space in order to explore different possibilities to support artists and community.