posted by Caroline Picard

A few weeks ago, Jac Jemc read a selection of her work at the former Green Lantern Gallery space. She read to a full house and it was fantastic–I even figured out how to work the camera on my phone (though I apologize for the hand-jiggling. I haven’t meditated long enough to keep things steady). You can download the entire reading here, along with an intriguing question-answer period in which she talks about her process, the role of time in her work and the weight of naming things.

Here are some images from the evening:


posted by Caroline Picard

So you all know that I love The Parlor. It’s probably one of my favorite Green Lantern events, though I’m not really sure what that means since I get pretty excited about most everything that we do. Safe to say, it’s the tidiest, lowest maintenance, most regular and intimate of our events. Terri Griffith and Joanna MacKenzie (from BadatSports) and I, invite various authors to come and read to a live audience. The reading is recorded and then we post an edited version of the event on line. Most recently you can download Anne Elizabeth Moore’s reading here.

At any rate, Newcity just put out their Best of Chicago issue, and The Parlor was named “Best New Podcast” (woohoo!).

Here’s what they said:
“Can’t make it to the latest book reading at Powell’s? Missed last week’s slam at the Red Lion? Now you don’t need to trek to every literary location in the city to hear contemporary writeing talent: the Parlor brings readings to your home computer. Listen to the latest from the likes of Julia Brocherts, Naeem Murr and Anne Elizabeth Moore. Each half-hour episode is recorded at Wicker Park’s Green Lantern Gallery on the first Tuesday of ever month, and is available for download at and iTunes.”