by Naomi Henderson

I have recently, and for no apparent reason, become interested in aliens. I decided to start my investigation by reading Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs. Although the book is chock full of convincing research and real facts, it also relies heavily on circumstantial evidence. It is a book for open-minded people; those who think the world is far greater and more mysterious than we will ever understand. Many of the chapters go into explicit detail regarding government cover ups of alien activity. If this is your cup of tea, this book will give you plenty of evidence. The more intriguing chapters for me were those dealing with alien contact. Marrs starts the book by going back in history and explaining that UFOs are described in the Bible, most notably when “Ezekiel saw the wheel”, as well as in the myths of the Hindus. Christopher Columbus reported seeing strange lights in the ocean that rose out of the water and sped away across the sky. Marrs also investigates instances of alien contact, crop circles and unexplained animal mutilations. He writes about a psychic process developed by the military called Remote Viewing, describing how it was initially used to spy on the Soviets. This process involves psychic people being given a longitude and latitude and then “remotely viewing” what is located at that place. This process has enabled the viewers to see all types of alien activity, both in the confines of the US government as well as in space. They can even see the surface of other planets, which made for an interesting read. The descriptions of Jupiter and Venus are beautiful and fascinating. More importantly, what the viewers saw in the 1970’s was later corroborated by scientific data. Perhaps the most mind-blowing chapter of the book involved the moon, and how its rocks are 3 billion years older than any found on earth.  Most people think the moon was created at the same time as the earth, but the evidence suggests otherwise.  As opposed to the earth and all other planets, the surface is covered with a hard layer of molten rock, with a soft layer underneath. This suggests that at one time the moon was hollowed out, thus dumping the hard interior on top of the soft exterior. When astronauts left the moon, they dropped a large object onto it to gather seismic data. To their surprise, the moon rang for hours like a bell, denoting that it was hollow. This evidence as well as the strange facts about the orbit of the moon, suggest that it was hollowed out and used as a spacecraft. The aliens carefully brought it into our orbit, and many astronauts have reported seeing alien activity on the moon. Moreover, there are many mysterious structures on the moon that resemble bridges. They are composed of rectangular and obelisk shapes, which are not found in nature. These structures are enormous, measuring miles high and wide.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in alien activity.  Marrs gives several reasons for the Aliens continual interest in humans, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.  Keep an open mind, and this book might make you think differently about the Universe and our place in it. I am convinced now more than ever that aliens are real.