Hey There, Chicago…and internet sattelites…lil elote here, long time…I haven’t posted anything in a while, letting the others take the reigns of posting items to this very dear blog.

I’ve been quite busy y’know–I am in the midst of the recording process for the single for my upcoming LP “I am…lil elote.”  Check it out when it drops in the New Year. Its a really personal account of my rise in the art world.  Take notes, kids and aspiring stars–it’s time to learn from Teacher!

Self-plugging aside, I want to share something with y’all:  I woke up this afternoon at around 4:00pm and drank my coffee/breakfast, and the quiet aloneness of the holiday caused me to contemplate my artistic & personal growth, which I realized to be a process made possible by you all–the audience, my fans.

Here’s the first, in a three part holiday thank-you/love-you note from yours truly–lil elote


lil elote