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This edition’s theme:  The Invisible Corset.  Featuring works by Catherine Borders, Marissa Ayala, Meg Nafziger, Lily Robert-Foley, kristen cerda, Jane Agnes Quinn, Scott Hess, Chandra Smith, Rebecca Serle, Caroline Picard, Katherin Cox, Michael Sidman, SarahS, Circadies, Matthew Dexter, Brian Burton and Ryan Block.  Compiled, edited and fabricated by Catherine Borders and Marissa Ayala. 

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– posted by lily.  designed by isaiah dufort and conceived of collectively with ellen cronin.

Isaiah Dufort at The Parlor Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 to
read his plays Plastic and King of the Pirates.
The reading will begin at 7pm.
   Isaiah Dufort is a San Francisco based playwright and
screenwriter. His plays include Absolute Pure Happiness,
produced by Three Wise Monkeys Theater Company in San
Francisco, and The Pheasant, winner of The Little Theater
of Alexandria 2007 National One-Act Competition.

His films include Silent Anna, directed by Max Sokoloff, 
and Tests I Love to Take, directed by Ronald Chase. Isaiah 
is the assistant director of the San Francisco Art & Film 
Program, an arts education non-profit making the arts 
accessible to students. He is also the screenwriting mentor 
for the SF Art & Film's Film Workshop, and the 2008/2009 
playwright-in-residence for the School of the Arts High 
School. With his spare time, he contributes to the 2xHR 
art society.

The Parlor is a monthly reading series, hosted by Chicago's 
Green Lantern and sponsored by Bad At Sports Podcast. For 
more information check out

And BIG THANKS to all of you for participating or coming 
out to the annual fundraiser last weekend. The evening was 
a huge success -
       Happy Turkey Days