Call to Arms

November 30, 2008

Hello all,
The Peter Coffin Studio and The Suburban Gallery, Chicago are working on a project called; “How to Sneak into Art Museums Without Paying”. We’d like you to share any techniques you have acquired through your life/work experience to submit to this project. These instructions (of “How to…”) from you should be hand drawn and scanned to reproduced in a booklet/zine that will be distributed for an exhibition at the Suburban and to participants.
These illustrated techniques should actually work and must be relatively current. The instructions you provide should not require doctored documents such as fake passes etc or fake uniforms/badges and should be relatively easy to understand so that someone on the street can enter without paying using the instructions you submit.
If you would like to submit a plan, please hand draw it on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper in black pen/or pencli and scan in on gray scale @ 200 DPI and send to;
Include your name/pseudonym separate from the drawing in the email, to be included in the credits of the booklet. All accepted participants will of course receive a copy of the booklet/zine. And remember to include in the drawing the museum’s name and city.
These are plans that should actually work so stick to keeping them as clear as possible….including street entrances, descriptive markers or “what to say to a guard”… anything to make the drawing effective. I have included a sample of a plan to sneak into the KW museum in Berlin to show generally what we are looking for. Feel free to forward this to any sneaky pals you know anywhere, especially outside the US as this is for any major museum/institution across the globe.