DATE: Friday, June 25 (6 p.m.)

LOCATION: Chicago Urban Art Society
exhibition + creative-use space
2229 South Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60608
The Chicago Urban Art Society | Visual. Documentation. Education.www.chicagourbanartsociety.orgThe Chicago Urban Art Society (CUAS) promotes the art makers visual voice by way of group or solo exhibitions, innovative teaching + learning opportunities + the creation of an arts + culture archive.

The panel involves writers and visual artists about text-image collaborations, as well as writers who have gotten inspiration from visual art, and it explores ways writers make connections with art and the visual artistic process, furthering the continuum of the artist’s studio as school, gallery, political stance, sanctuary, and muse.

Featuring the art of:

Jerome Acks
Marvin Astorga
Carl Baratta
Youni Chae
Greg Cook
Michelle Grabner
Sam Jaffe
Young Joon Kwak
Angee Lennard
Caleb Lyons
Patrick Mcguan
Brian McNearny
Heather Meckkelson
Samia Mirza
Rachel Niffenegger
Angel Otero
Caroline Picard
Kaylee Rae Wyant
Lily Robert Foley
Esteban Schimpf
Chris Schreck
Deb Sokolow
Matt Tetzloff
Jeremy Tinder
Joe Trupia

Check out images here:

Green Lantern First Annual Fundraiser


October 9, 2008



Greg Cook, Amanda Browder, Subprime Mortgage (Lily Robert-Foley & Marvin Astorga), Young Joon Kwak, Marco Kane Braunschweiler, Martine Syms, Howard & Sonia Kwak, Paul Cary, Rodney Lee Jones, Dead Gods, Tessa Siddle, Toby Bengelsdorf, Todd Mattei, Ventrilla-Kiss

Green Lantern Gallery & Press


Around the Coyote 2008 Fall Arts Festival

Now in the West Loop
Plumbers Hall, 1340 W Washington

October 17-19

Opening Party
Friday October 17: 6pm- 10pm
Saturday October 18: noon-10pm
Sunday October 19: noon-6pm

– Young Joon

Oh, hell no.

October 9, 2008

This is the gorgeous stairway to heav-…Green Lantern Gallery & Press.


I was walking home on 18th Street, Thinking about Josue, the cutie I met at the studio earlier that evening. His demeanor was warm, his body: tight, so pretty. Damn, why are they all straight?

A glimmer catches my eye.  I turn my head. Tunnel vision. I see green.

Oh, hell no…biters.

-lil elote

As part of NEXT/GOFFO, The Green Lantern is setting up shop on the 7th floor of the Merchandise Mar from April 25th to the 28th, featuring a preview of NY artist Amanda Browder, and her installation piece “Arc de Triumph.”  If you happen onto the 7th floor, come over to the GOFFO neighborhood, stop at “Old Country” (courtesy of Old Gold: my favorite downstairs wood-panel gallery ever), the wood-panel bar around the corner, get a drink. You can look out the window where we are–which is nice, because the fair is on one floor, with back-to-back booths and little to no breathing room. In our neighborhood, the 7-401’s,
it’s like going to an undiscovered neighborhood and finding good Polish food. So come, look out the window, take a breather and stare at the little people on the street way down below, take a break from
fluorescents and soak in some sun. Pretend it’s California. GOFFO’s got a swanky set up between the lot of us, an avenue of good times and reading material, sexy prints and projects.

Browder is a superstar. A co-host of BadatSports, she’s installed a herd of plush rocks, sewn and stuffed by hand. They’re sitting right now on top of a black and white tiled floor with a navajo blanket on the wall behind them that’s cut out like an arc; and a drippy painting hung like a diamond above it. All I’m saying is,
it’s just a whole lot of RAD RAD RAD.

The Green Lantern will also have its inventory of books available, including “God Bless the Squirrel Cage,”  the last Chicago copy of  “Urbesque,” “Sketches,” “Lust & Cashmere,” “Phonebook,”
“Paper&Carriage No.1,” 3 vinyl MALE records, an essay about ice-bound Englishmen who made their own newspaper, zines (free), and a listening area for The Parlor.

It’s the first time we’ve ever participated in a fair. Noah Singer of Imperfect Articles was kind enough to invite us (thanks Noah!), and it seems like a pretty wild scene. I can’t help feeling like the happy fool, walking around kind of anonymous, not knowing who’s who, but like a ghost feeling entitled to watch the frenzy.

Amanda Browder will show at the Green Lantern between May 30th and June 28th, in an exhibition called “CYCLONE.”

The Green Lantern Gallery, located on Milwaukee Avenue will keep it’s regular hours, (FRI 12-5, SA/SU 1-6) for Shannon Stratton’s show, “Restless.”

For more information about who’s involved check out: