posted by Caroline Picard

Former Volunteer and super-rad-baddass Artist Young Joon Kwak had a conversation with an on-line literary journal, Monsters&Dust. In addition to developing a performative drag practive, Young Joon was also a finalist in the forthcoming reality TV show about emerging artists. In any case, M&D and YJK have a good chat–well worth checking out, both Young’s conversation and some of the other pieces. Contributors include Cass McCombs, Elijah Burger, Becca Mann and several others.

Young’s interview begins as follows:

“I first met Lil’ Elote on my birthday in April 2009, as she crossed the threshhold of my shabby, dark apartment on 17th Street in a candy-striped dress and shiny white pumps, bearing giant helium balloons shaped like butterflies. She was as remarkable for the ways she differed from the form of her alter-ego, my friend and colleague Young Joon Kwak, as she was for the ways she reflected his spirit – witty, generous, warm, sassy, and sincerely strange. What other queen would enter their first drag competition in a celestial jumpsuit, lipsyncing through cake-white makeup and platinum locks over the blaring synthetic beats of Björk’s “Declare Independence,” while audience members screamed their allegiance to the sparkling black pennant of Elotelandia?

“This summer, as Young began to delve deeper into drag, interweaving it with his artistic practice, he also happened upon an opportunity to audition for a new, as-yet-unnamed reality TV show in which artists vie for New York gallery stardom, in a scenario much like the designers on Project Runway. Young made it to the semi-finals, and while we in Chicago rooted for him all the way, we’re glad he is still here with us. Below is our conversation about this time.”

—Aay Preston-Myint for Monsters and Dust

You can read the rest of the link by going here.