As some of you may or may not know, we are coming up on the Green Lantern’s three and a half year anniversary. Since its inception we have hosted over a hundred public,  cultural events, ranging from art
exhibitions, the publication books, live music events, a monthly literary podcast (, film screenings, benefits, local organic food-practice and performance. It has been an amazing experience for everyone involved, and were it not for the dedication of a volunteer staff and the faith of participating artists, it would be impossible. Over the course of these few years, it has thrived on a
reciprocal and generous spirit.
Now we look toward to future. Despite the current market crisis, we are intent on working towards sustainability. I want to make sure that The Green Lantern Gallery & Press can continue as a venue for independent media and emerging or marginalized art. It is a significant endeavor as these bastions of idiosyncratic expression through the arts perpetuate a spirit of community and excellence. Through these venues the individual is reminded of his or her own voice and its capacity to communicate insight and inspiration to others. Through the dialectic of such insight, the ping-pong of creative inspiration, we can achieve great things; perform aesthetic miracles and robust jokes. We can sooth the cynic’s heart.

The Green Lantern is unique because it integrates different communities. Communities tend to find an affinity with a particular medium of art – music, literature, philosophy, film, painting, and performance. With each of these mediums deliberately integrated into our programming, The Green Lantern is able to cross-pollinate the various influences of these groups. It is a slow process. One that requires its audience to feel comfortable in the physical space. Comfortable enough to take a risk and see another kind of event, one
that they might not always be accustomed to.

To celebrate the path we’ve laid thus far, to celebrate our first ever grant from the Illinois Arts Council, to look to the future, The Green Lantern Gallery is proud to announce its first-ever fundraiser. There
is a host of events in store on November 22nd.
From 12 – 9pm, we will hold a silent auction, featuring (among others) the works of Carl Baratta, Deb Sokolow, Matt Tetzloff, Daniel Anhorn, Young Joon Kwok, Heather Mekkelson, Brain McNearney, Caleb
Lyons, and Peter Hoffman. Additionally, The Cowgirl Creamery (CA) has donated a gift certificate for its artisan cheese, music labels Colonial Recordings (NY) and HeWhoCorrupts (Chicago) have also donated
a gift bags with their wares and music.
In order to show our thanks, each participating artist has been encouraged to take 20% of donations generated through the auction. (After all, The Green Lantern would be nowhere were it not for their
talent & support).
From noon-1:30 there will be a crepe breakfast with mimosas in
exchange for donations.
From 6-9 there will be cocktail party to close up the auction.
From 9-1am there will be a live music show featuring Joan of Arc, The
Lanterns & lowland. $12 entry fee. $25 includes all you can drink bar
and music. $40 includes all you can drink bar, music and annual

There is no better time than today to look toward the future. And while many have suffered fortune, a small donation can go a long way.