posted by Caroline Picard

Here is another clip from the old days of The Green Lantern. As part of a show curated by Moshe Zvi Marvit called The Chicago Review of Economics, a local breakdancing group called The Brickheadz came.

As an aside, a few months later, one of the members of the Brickheadz contacted me in order to see if I would be willing to loan the gallery space for a new model agency they (the Brickheadz) were starting. Breakdancing has a reputation for being a sub-culture dominated by men. While that has changed to some extent, the idea of supporting an albeit awesome group of dudes to take photo shoots with 14-17 year old girls seemed like a terrible idea. It did make me laugh, though–it sounded like an Little Rascals/Alex Keaton/Family Ties scheme.