Ben Tanzer on youtube

January 9, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard;

You may remember Ben Tanzer – he read for the parlor a few months ago. He’s an interesting author, in part, because he does all of his own marketing using grass root contemporary media practice¬† like blogs, emails, and of course, youtube. In some sense he is a self-made writer–what is interesting because there will likely be more and more writers such as him, people who, in the seeming collapse of the publishing business will end up creating their own models for distribution and success. At any rate, his latest book is out.

If you’d like to listen to him read on the parlor, go here.

posted by Caroline Picard

You all should come out! It looks like it’s going to be a pretty great line-up-

and it’s a fundraiser and it’s always great to come out and support- AND a bunch of these authors have read or are scheduled to read at The Parlor….so come on down, I say…

55 word extravaganza!


The Innertown Pub
1935 W Thomas
Chicago, IL

Kyle Beachy, Dave Snyder, Tobias Amidon Benglesdorf, Heidi McKye, Zach Plague, Colt Foutz, James Lower, Jessi Lee Gaylord, Amy Guth, Spencer Dew, Nicolette Bond, Maria Parrott, Jac Jemc, Lauren Pretnar, Ben Tanzer, Sam Reaves, JT Litchfield, Kevin Fink, Amira Hanafi, Lex Sonne, Geoffrey Forsyth, Melanie Datz, Laura Goldstein, Kate Harbaugh, Marissa Plumb, Chris Bower, Jon Fullmer, Steve Tartaglione (tar-taglee-oh-knee), Josh Amidan, Jonathan Messinger