Interview with Tobias

September 2, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

I recently came across this interview on-line and thought I’d post the beginning of it here….see what you think-

As you know, Tobias was the GL’s Assistant Editor around last year, is now the Mascot at Quickies (a badass reading series *holla Lindsay Hunter & Mary Hamilton*), also runs the superfab on-line journal FICTION AT WORK and recently put out a pretty fancy-pants book, “The Implausibility of Gnus.” A “best of” collection of Fiction at Work is coming out via The Green Lantern Press (that’s us) next year.

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jason – Posted on 04 June 2009

One of the more active participants in Chicago lit today is Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf. He edits the highly addictive and time absorbing on-line lit journal Fiction at Work. When not filling the work days of people around the world Tobias is also the Assist Editor of Green Lantern Press. His latest project is a full-length collection of stories being publish by the intriguing new non-profit organization Another New Calligraphy.

When I say active I also mean physically, Tobias will be involved in four different readings this month and it all started with this weeks ANC reading with Megan Milks and music from two fantastic local bands. If you missed that reading he will be reading at Quickies on June 9th, at Quimby’s on June 26th, and at The Orange Alert Reading Series on June 28th.

Recently, Tobias took some time of his busy schedule to answer a few of my questions.

Orange Alert (OA): You are involved in an exciting new Chicago-based organization called Another New Calligraphy. I’ve listened to the album by A Light Sleeper, I’ve seen Megan Milks’ Chapbook, but I am dying to know what you are contributing to this non-profit organizations ambitious line-up. How did you get involved with Another New Calligraphy, and what is your contribution?
Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf (TAB): Robin contacted me through Facebook, saying she’d read a story of mine online (I’m still not sure which one) and asked if I had anything book length. I did, and I sent it, and they liked it, and so a collection of 31 stories is coming out. They will be in a little box, on individual cards. I’ve seen the artwork for the slipcover, and it’s the coolest thing ever in the world. Ever.

The only downside is that because she contacted me through Facebook, and because you contacted me through Facebook about reading at Orange Alert, I feel like I can never ever get rid of Facebook….

OA: Speaking of exciting Chicago projects, what is new with Green Lantern Press? What does an assistant editor handle?
TAB: Well, the gallery is closing for a while, but should reopen in a new space next year. And the books part of the operation should continue rolling along. Sometime this fall The North Georgia Gazette will be coming out, which is a manuscript from a 19th century arctic expedition. It’s a handsome book, with lots of artwork and other little extras. As for what an assistant editor handles, I checked all the copy to make sure it matched the original (it’s an old book, which doesn’t exist in electronic form, so the other assistant editor, Lily Robert-Foley, had to type it up). I also wrote the Editors’ Note, explaining some of our editorial choices.

posted by Caroline Picard

Tobias’ book is out! And it’s beautiful. A super-high end limited edition of 25, An Implausibility of Gnus comes in a box with individual story cards, beveled corners and all, on the inside. It’s great and it’s absurdly cheap. So check out the link and pick one up!

In the words of publishers, Another New Calligraphy:

An Implausibility of Gnus is the product of Bengelsdorf’s compulsive pick-pocketing from the coats of the American psyche. Over 30 short and shorter stories pack into the collection, each revealing sparkling tidbits of the ordinary or ordinary disclosures of the fantastical: kitchen slop and siphophores, travel and murder. Connect the dots if you care to, or just marvel at the rounded corners and think about swimming.