Science of Obscurity

July 10, 2010

The Chicago Underground Library

celebrates the Science of Obscurity!

SATURDAY, JULY 10th from 7–10pm

at the Jupiter Outpost, 1139 W. Fulton Market

this event is free & for all ages
food & drink will be available for sale

An annual lead up event to the Printers’ Ball featuring new, unpublished, and in-progress works presented as science fair experiments.  Join an awesome line up of writers, designers, and publishers as the intricately explain the scientific principles underlying their work, real or imagined.

Reading experiments with Jennifer Karmin!
Storigami with Zach Dodson!
Distress charts with A D Jameson!
Teenage taxonomies with Mairead Case!
Curmudgeonly cuttlefish with Libby Walker!
Hand-cranked projector mad libs with Two With Water!
All participants will also have work for sale.

Special projects from the Society of Furthering Truth (SOFT), The Book Bike, readings from Featherproof Books’ iPhone application TripleQuick, surprise musical guests, video interviews with the CUL crew about your favorite forgotten and under-recognized Chicago publishers and writers.

The night will also feature a public “book launch” via catapult, scientist speed dating, and digital readings to warm your hardened techie heart. Left and right brains come together, print <3s digital, everyone wins when the laws of physics and literature collide.

If you’re a writer, publisher, bookmaker, or booklover of any stripe who has recently finished writing a book, has published a book in the past year, or just feels like taking out some aggression on a publication of your choice, we invite you to celebrate by participating in our public reading and launching your work into space–or at least halfway down the block. We define “book” broadly, so zines, magazines, chapbooks, textbooks, and more are welcome. Read a paragraph, then release! And if you want to donate your book to the collection of the Chicago Underground Library after it’s caught some air, we’re here for you.

About the Chicago Underground Library
The Chicago Underground Library provides an open forum for creative exchange between all producers and patrons of Chicago’s independent media, facilitating collaboration and awareness between diverse communities. Through innovative and inclusive approaches to acquisitions, cataloging and programming, we illuminate connections and provide both a historical and contemporary context for the creation of new local media.

About the Printers’ Ball
Founded by Poetry magazine with other independent Chicago literary organizations, the Printers’ Ball is an annual celebration of print culture, featuring thousands of magazines, books, and broadsides available free of charge; live readings and music; letterpress, offset, and paper-making demonstrations; and much more. The Printers’ Ball is co-produced with Columbia College Chicago and the Center for Book & Paper Arts, and takes place July 30th, 2010 in Chicago’s landmark Ludington Building, former home to the American Book Company, at 1104 South Wabash.

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It’s posted on the parlor website, which is great and awesome and rad.

Check it out by going here!

The AmperLanterProof Last Chance Literary Blast for the Endtimes!

Oil is spewing into our waters and European volcanoes spit ash into the skies.  Earthquakes spreading like swine flu.  The end, clearly, is upon us.  So join Featherproof Books, Green Lantern Press, and Ampersand Books for a literary apocalypse kickoff party that would go down in the history books…if someone were around to write them.

Featuring the Five Horsemen (and women), cause for this apocalypse, Four just ain’t enough!

A D JAMESON is a writer, performer, teacher, and video artist. He is the author of the novel Giant Slugs (Lawrence and Gibson) and the prose collection Amazing Adult Fantasy (Mutable Sound), both forthcoming later this year. He regularly contributes to the group literary blog Big Other.

Tim Jones-Yelvington’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Another Chicago Magazine, Sleepingfish, Annalemma and others. His short fiction chapbook, “Evan’s House and the Other Boys who Live There” is forthcoming in Spring 2011 in “They Could No Longer Contain Themselves,” a multiauthor volume from Rose Metal Press. With Megan Milks, he co-hosts “Uncalled for Readings,” Chicago’s “mostly Queer, mostly prose” reading series. He is guest editing Pank Magazine in October as a Queer poetry and prose issue.

Lindsay Hunter is the co-founder and co-host of Quickies!, a Chicago flash fiction reading series. Her work has been published widely online, and her collection of slim fictions, Daddy’s, will be out on Featherproof books in September 2010.

Benjamin Lowenkron is a poet, artist, and horseman riding out of Baton Rouge.  He served as Editor-in-Chief of the New Delta Review and founded the Delta Mouth Literary Festival (the dirtiest, sexiest festival in the history of delta mud).  Katrina couldn’t kill him, neither could Rita, Gustav, or Ike. He has a chapbook, Preacher’s Blues out from Ampersand Books, and has been published in The Pinch, The Cafe Review, Unmovable Feast, River Writers, and Big Bridge. Sweet mercy

Adam Gallari is an American ex-pat currently working on a novel and pursuing a PhD at the University of Exeter. His essays and fiction have appeared in or are forthcoming in The Quarterly Conversation, Fifth Wednesday Journal,,, and The MacGuffin. His first collection of short stories, WE ARE NEVER AS BEAUTIFUL AS WE ARE NOW is out now from Ampersand Books.

The Green Lantern Gallery.  July 9th.  7 o’clock.


Don’t let the world end without you.

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We had our first ever reading at the new space–a combination of efforts, it was amazing to get so many folks into the temporary office/exhibition space. Here are some pictures from the event as well as some youtube clips. Unfortunately, Cris Mazza’s video recording didn’t take, and Rob Stephenson’s went beyond the 10 minute mark, but I’m hoping those will be posted to the Parlor site as mpgs, so I’ll keep you all posted.

First, AD read:

And then Jac Jemc:

And Tim Jones-Yelvington:

And then Cris Mazza:

for whom, unfortunately, the recording didn’t work 😦

And then Davis Schneiderman:

And then Kathleen Rooney:

And then Rob Stephenson, which was unfortunately too long for youtube.

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Nell Taylor <>
A D Jameson <>

We, the Chicago Underground Library, want to launch your book. On a catapult. We’re not kidding.

If you have recently finished writing a book, or have published your first book in the past year (or just feel like taking out some aggression on a publication of your choice), we invite you to celebrate by launching your work into space–or at least halfway down the block.

In addition to the catapult book launch, we’re hosting a science fair so that you can receive proper admiration for your work. Now is your chance to explain to the world what’s so special about your fiction, poetry, non-fiction, art book, or any publication…by means of a diorama, poster, or tri-fold board. Baking soda volcanoes are welcome, colorful graphs encouraged. Here are just a few examples of what you might do (provability not required– did you ever actually DO any of those experiments you turned in, anyway?):

-Plot the effects that prolonged exposure to an audio recording of your poetry has on cattle grazing patterns over a six month period.

-Place a page of your manuscript in three different kinds of potting soil: plain (control), loved (variable 1), and unloved (variable 2).

-Design the ideal underwater adventure suit for your novel’s hero, whether or not your novel at any point occurs underwater.

Because space is limited, if you’d like to participate in the science fair, we’ll need a short proposal for any table-top display, due by 20 June. (We’ll squeeze in as many as we can, but space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.) Note that we have near-unlimited room for wall poster displays. Out-of-town writers are encouraged to submit posters,
rather than moping at home all night on Facebook.

The Logistics:

10 July 2009, 7­10pm
CUL Science Fair + Book Launch
(an official Printers’ Ball lead-up event)

Featuring the dazzling debut of the Chicago Underground Library’s Public
Drop Boxes!
+ Debutantes! A Raffle! Prizes!

At the Jupiter Outpost (1139 W. Fulton Market, Chicago)
Food and drink will be available for sale
+ you should feel free to BYOB

Best of All: It’s Free!
Tell all of your friends!

Nell Taylor <>
A D Jameson <>