What Did You What Me For?

August 25, 2010

posted and written by caroline picard

I received this postcard in the mail (the image further below was on the other side of the card) and, as a response to Sarah, I decided to create the following…

Who is Olaf Borge?

Olaf Borg is not the fellow who threw himself off of household rooftops.

Nor the one who sailed on his one-man ship in search of the sublime, in the fashion of those priests who sailed away on upturned shields in order to meet God proper–

The priests who sailed into unknown seas, into the nothing, most drowned, fulfilling themselves that way. Doubtless they all went mad with dehydration, though some some of the most curious caught a  current that bore them along from Ireland’s coast, through delusion, onto the banks of California.

They must have assumed they’d found a real paradise. They must have stripped down, wandered about looking for the Tree of Life.

Without a God, it was the most lonely and bewildering place to land after a journey.

–The one who sailed the one-man ship he left with a chorus of amateur singers everyone applauding art project  turned  suicide.

Olaf Borg never took such things so lightly. He was, on the whole, a happy man.

Unlike his brother, he did not aspire to be a Tony Stark, chasing after the windmill of some imagined masculine identity. Rather, he bit his nails, spitting a little as he spoke due to some ingratiate enthusiasm.

He admired big ideas but didn’t often posess them.

His last words, “What did you what me for?”


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