Interesting Sites of Music and Recording

August 24, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

I got this note from a friend of mine who runs a small low-fi record label called Colonial Recordings. I thought it might be of interest….

Hello!  I wanted to send a note to say:

a) I’m still working on the first Contras tape reissue.  I have all of the files digitized and sounding as nice as they can, but am still working on the art.  Not working in an office  sucks for one reason: no more unlimited access to the photocopier.  Still, I should have something ready for you all sometime next week.

b) I’ve set up a couple of Soundcloud pages, both of which let me post a set amount of audio.  One is filled with recent bootlegs from shows groups Jess and I are in (it’s updated after each show).  The current crop has sets from the Contras, Motorcycle Money, the Science Jerks and Cosine.  The second one is going to be for bootlegs of shows Jess and I have gone to but were not a part of.  Right now there’s a tape collage thing I made for our friends in Radical Dads, and a set from the CPP’s Chris Andersen’s new comedy rap group, The Happy Rappies.  It was just set up today, but I’ll pad it out with other recent tapes, and will update it as new shows happen.

Both pages are set up so that you can download MP3s of the posts if you like, or just stream them.  The Colonial-centric one will be updated over the weekend with tonight’s Shamblers set (should be good– the slowest song we do at this point is a cover of Bodycount’s “Copkiller”), which’ll knock out the oldest one… you get the idea.

There’s also a full recording of what is still my favorite show of 2010 over here:

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