Another Excerpt from Kangaroo

August 22, 2010

posted by caroline picard

inspired by the Pelevin post…it seemed only fair to quote this passage-

Taken from:


by Yuz Akeshkovsky

I come out of the dope dizzy and tied hand and foot. For some reason I’m lying on fresh straw on the floow. In front of my nose there’s a raw carrot and some unfamiliar leafy twigs. I look around. The furniture in the room’s the same. But somehow the portrait of Karpo Marx has stated to grow a beard and he has this terrific gleam in his eye. He’s staring at me. He looks like he’s sayins, “Quit trying to explain the world, Fan Fanych. I’ve had it up to here. It’s time to change, sucker!”

My arms had gone numb. I stretched my lips towards the carrot and crunched it up. I sniffed the leaves and heard something rustle. I hear pleased voices somwhere: “He’s eating it! He’s eating it! And I was ready to kiss my wife and children goodby. He’s eating it! Well he’s sniffing it anyway! Congratulations, Zina–I’ll see you get a Red Star for this!”

I say to Kidalla, “Listen, Comrade Colle-Ears-and-Warm-Liver, you’dbetter untie me, or I’ll get pissed and pass out again.

No answer. FInally, “We say no to French rolls” moves away from “The Judas of our music,” and a pretty–no, I tell a lie, Kolya, gorgeous–but somehow very pale broad tiptoes into the cell. Young, somewhere between twenty-senve and thirty-five. Her hair sparkles. Soft. Fluffy. Light brown. She comes right up close to me. I can’t look anywhere but up. I can see the dimples in her knees…Then she squatted down on her haunches and stroked my face. I kissed her cold fingers. She says, “There, there, little one, calm down, calm down, cutie…We love you…We’re sorry for you…We won’t let anyone hurt you…”

as the text continues, the narrator in fact has transformed into a kangaroo, he is then seduced by this woman, (in front of an unseen audience) and then convicted of rape. It struck me as a particularly interesting passage, in reference to The Sacred Book of The Werewolf, because it also examines the relationship between power, government, identity and sexuality.


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