List of favorite divinations

August 11, 2010

posted by Heather McShane

ailuromancy: divination by the actions of a familiar cat

aleuromancy: divination by flour or messages baked in cakes

armomancy: divination from the shoulders

capnonmancy: divination by smoke, or bursting poppy heads

clauguscience: divination from the taste or smell of a food that isn’t present

gelomancy: divination from laughter

gyromancy: divination by spinning in a circle until dizzy

idolomancy: divination from movie or rock stars

logarthmancy: divination by logarithms

maculomancy: divination from the shape and placement of birthmarks

myomancy: divination by squeaks of mice

nephelomancy: divinations by appearance of clouds

oneiromancy: divination by the interpretation of dreams

onimancy: divination using olive oil to let objects slip through the fingers

pegomancy: divination by bubbles in springs or fountains

philematomancy: divination by kissing

retromancy: divination by looking over one’s shoulder

rhapsodomancy: divination by a book of poetry

stichomancy: divination from random passages in books

thumomancy: divination by intense introspection of one’s own soul

transatuaumancy: divination from chance remarks overheard in a crowd

xenomancy: divination by studying the first stranger to appear


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