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July 20, 2010

posted by caroline picard

SpiderBug is pleased to announce:

“Gravity & its Friends” screening & exhibiton!

SpiderBug is pleased to announce “Gravity & its Friends” screening & exhibiton!

We have a wonderful lineup of filmmakers and artists!
This event is in conjunction with the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival.


Gallery Exhibition

Voice of the City Studio
3429 W. Diversey
Friday 4-11pm
Saturday 12-11pm
Sunday 12-11pm

Short Film/Video Screening

Voice of the City Studio
3429 W. Diversey Ave.
Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8pm

Center Portion
2850 1/2 W. Fullerton Ave.
Saturday & Sunday  3pm & 10pm

FREE!  Popcorn & Beverages!

Filmmaker lineup:
Chris Hammes, Lucia Fabio, Chuck Jones, Chris Hefner, Alberto Aguilar, Phillipe Blanchard
Nicholas Hayes, Michael Morris, Patrick Holbrook, Michael Lopez, Reel Stories, Caroline Picard

Art Exhibition Lineup:
Nick Black, Michael Lopez, EC Brown, Elizabeth Czekner, Allison Yasukawa, Jesus Meja, Adam Farcus, Chelsea Culp, BJ Vogt, Catie Olson, A.R.T. apprentices

Thanks & hope to see you!
catie olson


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