Drawings Coming Together

July 7, 2010

posted by caroline picard

One of the books that the Green Lantern Press is putting out next year is a first-ever translation of a Polish play from the 1800s called Kordian. It’s an amazing play, translated o so delicately by Gerry Kapolka, it reads something like Shakespeare, and tells the coming of age story of a young man who, in some real way, is supposed to represent a “new” kind of Polish hero. The play begins with the witches and devils making a “brew” in the advent of modernity. Carries on the main character, (also called Kordian) who falls in love, tries to kill himsef at the end of act one, has turned to a harlot and gambling in the second act, in the third act meets the pope who has a parrot on his shoulder (in the midst of which a number of soldiers attempt to organize a mutiny), in the fourth act Kordian ends up in an insane asylum, talking to his imagination and terror and the last act–well. You’ll have to wait and see. Regardless it’s epic, giant, totally crazy and the language used is astounding. As this project slowly comes together, different pieces fall into place. Most recently, Lilli Carré finished the three drawings which will be included in the book. I’ve included them here.

Poking his head out of the cauldron
Is it good for us to have a king, or no?

Away with you, Sphinx, away with your riddles!
The very devil cannot find solutions;
Ask those at academic institutions
Immersed in history up to their middles;
From your ministerial seat,
Above the fertile bloodshed of the Nile,
With ruined columns at your feet,
You’ll babble in the hieroglyphic style.

Lord, look! There in the kettle’s steam
Another creature hatches,
He wears a monster’s horrid mien,
As well as general’s sashes.


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