Notes from an old job

July 6, 2010

posted/written by caroline picard

The Way The Children Felt.

Harry loved Joe. Joe loved Harry. You could see that Joe loved Harry by the way Joe wiped his grubby hand across his face when Harry kissed him. Joe pretended that he didn’t like the kisses, (Harry was a soft boy with pale Irish skin and a big halo of brown bobbing curls. He liked to kiss things often) but he liked them because he loved Harry. He liked not liking the kisses. Joe liked to blush and smell his fingers when he wiped Harry’s kiss away. Harry loved Joe very much and sometimes they agreed to hold hands. Joes didn’t mind holding hands. Actually, Joe quite liked holding hands.

Emily loved Olivia. Olivia loved Emily sometimes, but sometimes she got tired of Emily because Emily was always asking for attention. Emily wanted all of Olivia’s attention all of the time. Olivia wanted to keep some of her attention to herself. It made her evasive and when she became evasive she also became mean. Emily wouldn’t go away otherwise. Emily cried and Olivia watched her cry and as she watched she felt more and more ugly. Emily went away and Olivia went away, both went away to sulk separately, Olivia to play by herself and Emily to Jenny, “Jenny Olivia’s mean to me.” Olivia pretended to play, but was really watching Jenny and feeling bad and shameful and then she missed Emily too all of a sudden.
Olivia told Emily she was sorry and Olivia tried to make up for any hurt she had cause, making a special effort towards kindness. She wanted to share everything to make up for it. She wanted to give Emily what Emily wanted. Olivia loved Emily. Olivia tried to love Emily more than Emily needed. Emily kissed Olivia. She was ecstatic.


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