White Noise Syndrome

June 30, 2010

posted by caroline picard

based on a post by Katy Keefe.

According to recent reports, a curious epidemic has been spreading through  pre-teens in America. By some coincidence, all victims reside in American skyscrapers, where they began complaining of a “ringing in their ears.” Since that first sleugh of complaints over 100 million teens have ended up in Emergency Rooms across the country. While unclear what the cause, victims are discovered with a delicate white mucus around the periperal lobes of the aural lobe. They are unresponsive to sound and lose their appetite. While most experts believe the disease to result from a highly controled audio environement, one dominated by air-conditioning, refrigerator and excercise machines, there is a trendy rumor which attributes these deaths to a single mad scientist, sending suprahigh pitch soundwaves through the air, from a high mountian lair. While neither hypothesis has been supported with concrete evidence, the Mad Scientist Theory only points to the overall mystery of this condition.

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