The Selected Poems of HAMSTER

June 30, 2010

posted by caroline picard

What follows is an excerpt from a lovely little book, put out by NY’s amazing Ugly Duckling Press–the one with the letterpress, yes that’s right they print a number of books by hand and they resonate with the near-impossible combination of crisp perfection and hand made character. You can tell, I am a fan, yes? This particular book, The Selected Poems of Hamster was written by Carlos Blackburn and published in 2008.


Small Mysteries.

The acyclical flux

of piss-smell,

The newspaper of the


The edge of this place.

Drunk on the fumes

of a new bed of cedar chips

I zigzag to the salt-lick.


Knocking things over

I K.O. this I

K.O. that

there are not enough things in here.


A plant has started

to peek at us

from around a corner.

Digging down

to the paper,

stirring a pot

with my face.

Dust of radio chatter;

the ballgame.

I can eat forever.


The voracious

imagination does nothing

with the earthen bowl

or the pellets.

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