Letting Collections Go

June 28, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

I’m not sure why I started thinking about meat in cans and why thinking about meat in cans made me collect them but, as an absent-minded collector, this is the extent of my collection–what more or less consisted of two cans of spam and a package of sardines. That modest beginning was then added to by friends (see “success comes in cans not cannots” and government issue “beef with juices”) where they took up a mantel on top of a very large half-working fridge. Years and a new fridge later, I’m releasing the meats back into the wild. In commemoration of the time we’ve spent together, I’ve posted the following images.

I especially like all the accumulated dust and cobwebs….

These sugar packets, while not being meat or can oriented, nevertheless wield a projected, nostalgic residue for me. I found these and several others like them in a tupperwear box. I believe they were saved by my parents and it’s likely for that reason (and their design) that I kept them so long. The exterior paper on many of these sugar cubes is totally stained and sticky with melted sugar. An affect that, for some reason, I found endearing.

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