A Day At The Pool

June 14, 2010

posted by caroline picard

I came across an old sketchbook with drawings from what must be ten years ago by now. They made me pretty happy. I’ve no idea what I was thinking about, writing a non-story story about a nun, a jester and a poet. But there it is.


4 Responses to “A Day At The Pool”

  1. MM Says:

    These are amazing.

  2. urbesque Says:

    haha. i still don’t know what they’re about–i made them when i was in philly. it was a year of living in my head. remember, i had that theory about your future being a city and how you needed lots of different camps around it to get access to it? i thought i’d make children’s books–that was one camp. this was the only children’s book i made. (the metaphor fell apart when i think you pointed out i needed a trojan horse (because there was no guarantee that one little idea that scaled the wall would ever make it to the front gate to open the drawbridge, or that she’d even want to necessarily–it sort of sucks to have your city infiltrated by sailors) and then i realized that all of my so-called “camps” were creative and equally unviable).

  3. MM Says:

    I think you should judge all your accomplishments since then by only one metric: your success in creating that Trojan Horse.

    So how far have you come in creating that Trojan Horse?

    • urbesque Says:

      I stay up late nights devising strategems. So far, though, I’ve only made plastecine models. Most of the time they’ve melted by the time I wake up. I thought this summer I might try whittling instead.

      Do you have any suggestions? Or even better, exotic blue prints?

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