Stage Death Trap at Camp

June 5, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

again, continuing the thread of deaths, private eyes and therapists at camp….


One day when the investigators came, they came across Sonia in the shower, naked save for a wet t-shirt, her neck painted to look slit, the water running pink. When she opened her eyes and moaned like a zombie the investigators screamed. She laughed. She wiped her fake blood on their shirts.
Peter, screaming with his hands in the air, ran through the bonfire and fake-lit himself on fire.
Roger devised a reed, like he’d read about in the Disney version of Robin Hood, such that he could float face down in the lake and still breath. Someone put a fake knife in his back. He stayed like that for an hour and when the investigators finally rowed out to touch him with a stick he didn’t move. When they swatted his legs like a schoolteacher, he didn’t move either. When the fat one reached in to pull him onto their canoe, to pull him by the collar of his shirt, he splashed up and roared and the canoe tipped over and everyone was in the water and Roger laughed very very very hard.
Grant hid under one of the canoes on the beach, he wrapped himself in seaweed, he painted himself pale. He put subtle sparkles on his entire white-blue body because, he said, he still wanted to be beautiful. When the investigators looked under the rowboat he lay still. They said, “Alright that’s enough, kid.” But they sounded nervous and they bent over anyway because the skinny one said the kid didn’t look like he was breathing. So they bent over and then Grant lunched up and bit one of them on the neck until it bled. As a joke.


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