The Propeller Fund

May 13, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

The Propeller Fund!

Gallery 400 at UIC and threewalls announce Propeller Fund and the initial round of this new granting opportunity for independent visual artists, curators and visual art groups in Cook County, IL. Applications Due: August 1, 2010, with 15 winners announced in October 2010.

Five workshops to introduce Propeller Fund, with tips, hints and advice on how to prepare an application will be held in the area during June:

Wednesday, June 2, 6 pm: Gallery 400, 400 South Peoria Street, Chicago
Saturday, June 5, 12 pm: Elmhurst Art Museum, 150 South Cottage Hill Avenue, Elmhurst
Saturday, June 12, 1 pm: Mess Hall, 1060 East 47th Street, Chicago
Saturday, June 19, 12 pm: Little Black Pearl, 6932 North Glenwood Avenue, Chicago
Wednesday, Jun 23, 6 pm: threewalls, 118 North Peoria Street #2C, Chicago

Propeller Fund is founded to support visual arts projects that are: independent, informal, and self-organized. Shannon Stratton, Executive and Creative Director, threewalls, states: “Propeller Fund has been created to identify and help sustain the range of Chicago’s autonomous visual arts facilitators and presenters. Propeller Fund recognizes that the efforts of individuals working independent of institutions and formal funding structures are vital to the creation of a diverse and dynamic creative landscape. With the generous support of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, threewalls and Gallery 400 look forward to providing meaningful support to those projects.”

The goal is to stimulate further independent growth throughout Chicago; to encourage more varied models of visual arts presentation; to spread the self-organized activities into more diverse areas; to promote the public’s interaction with, and public recognition of such activities; and to spark ambitions beyond current formats. “This is an exciting time in Chicago. Creative people are making their own projects and activities on a range of scales and trajectories. Propeller Fund provides an opportunity to support, recognize, and accelerate this dynamic independent visual arts activity. We at Gallery 400 are pleased to be partnering with threewalls and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts on Propeller Fund, and look forward to Propeller Fund’s role in the arts in Chicago.”  writes Lorelei Stewart, Director, Gallery 400 at UIC.

Propeller Fund will provide support at two levels:
Five grants at $6,000
Ten grants at $2,000
The two-tiered funding structure spread amongst 15 projects is devised to provide substantial support for major costs—printing, rental, honoraria, material, shipping, research time, with the aim to ensure that each project has the resources to live up to its ambitions.

Launched in May 2010, Propeller Fund is administered jointly by Gallery 400 and threewalls. Initial support for the program is provided by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts as part of its initiative to promote informal and independently organized visual arts activities across the United States. Previous re-granting programs initiated by the foundation are located in San Francisco, CA (Alternative Exposure), and Houston, TX (The Idea Fund).

Any questions can be addressed at one of the informational workshops or contact Propeller Fund at: or call 312-432-3972.

More information on the Propeller Fund Website.

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Gallery 400
400 S Peoria St. (MC 034)
College of Architecture and the arts
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL 60607

119 N Peoria #2d
chicago, il 60607

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