Get it Quick & Get it Easy

May 12, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

I came across this video this morning. Amazing, I think. I especially like the line “And the tumbleweed moved back in,” although on a less superficial tip, it reveals certain bias about Native Americans–an historical and unforgiving perspective wherein the narrator is assured of his own superiority–what is particularly obvious when he begins to describe the “Modern Navajo,” glossing over the bloody history that stands between that Modern incarnation (who is portrayed as shaving, in addition to adopting other white customs) and the vision of the Navajo horse rustler that the film begins with.

The other thing that I find interesting about this film is the non-narrated narrative that occurs between the scenes portrayed. The first shows the Navajo on horse back, the second shows a couple cowboys with their horses in the canyon. The Navajo descend upon the cowboys and take their horses. That portrait is indiciative of the “Wild West.” The next scenes cuts to wagons and gold panning settlements, the next to the bank teller and the weighing of gold. To me, it almost suggests that the stealing of land from it’s pre-settler state leads directly to gold–what speaks to the idos of that kind of America narrative, i.e. come and take what you need and you will be rich. Supporting that theme, there is the gold miner at the end who casts a rock aside with disppointment, only to find within it gold gold gold!

In other words: America is ridiculous. A laughable, Haw-ing simpleton obsessed with the idea of SPACE.


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