April 25, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

I’ve been a terrible poster the last week–you see I just (just, just) finished my thesis–that novel, some clips of which have been posted here over the last few years. It’s also the same thing that I exhibited work based on last summer at minidutch, a show called “Twilight of the Vanities.” At any rate, the book has edited significantly since then, there are an additional 50 pages, a new sub-plot…all of it. Thankfully I’m in that place with it where I’m still very pleased and excited by the material. I feel like the minute it is actually “done done” by which I mean that the advisor would have given it the final and rousing approval, and it will have been turned in, then doubtless I’ll start to think it’s kind of a dumb project and find any number of reasons and ways that it could be better. My secret suspicion is that those “ways of improvement” are actually just ways for me to avoid closure, i.e. it’s easier to think that something could be better and therefore needs more work than it is to think, well that’s done, what do I do next?

At any rate.

Over the next week, I plan to post different excerpts–passages that will hopefully function more or less as discrete storylines, though they’re part of a larger part.

And seriously? It’s seriously so awesome to be almost done with school. Take me to June, I’m ready.


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