On Marvelous Things Heard

April 15, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

Last Night At Dinner:

At the table next to ours a man and woman had just discovered that they had ordered a pizza with an egg, over easy, in the middle. Prior to this they had been discussing God The Watchmaker. She mentioned Sally’s impossible dissatisfaction with such a description of God, in so far as it meant that, having finished, He must have gone elsewhere to do other things. It was the notion of “elsewhere” that seemed especially bothersome to Sally and exacerbating to our neighbors. And then the waiter presented them with this curious pizza. The waiter said to “spread the yolk around,” before disappearing in the back. After spreading it around, the couple settled out of their confusion and began talking again.

She: “Well, you know Jehovah was a terrible watchmaker.”

He: “I’ve always said that.”


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