So Much Better on

April 8, 2010

posted by caroline picard

What a crazy awesome week! Terri Griffith’s So Much Better just got written up in Bookslut. And again, in such good company.

Three Novellas: So Much Better by Terri Griffith, A Happy Man by Hansjörg Schertenleib, Sandokan by Nanni Balestrini

Here are three novellas, like dark little pills, for the girl on the go. Terri Griffith’s So Much Better starts out remote, perfunctory, and inert. I wanted to throw it boring and colorless against the wall, smoosh it like a bug. The human element can seem lost at first. It seems like a story not about Liz and Jenny, but Table and Chair. But don’t give up. The dramatic moments are indifferent to themselves; there are no histrionics here. Terri Griffith’s writing recalls mumblecore. Dialogue and description don’t figure much in this story, more ideological than character driven. This all becomes haunting and real and as always, dystopian. So Much Better is a performance of real life, the kind you might want to shake, say “Yes! That’s It!” but sadly. There are details that Griffith gets astonishingly right, especially vis-à-vis the workplace. We need more literature about work, where most people spend their time.

you can read the rest of the article (including the info on these other books,) by going here.

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