An Excerpt from First Impressions First Touch

April 3, 2010

posted by caroline picard

What follows is an excerpt from our forthcoming title, First Impressions First Touch, an index of handshakes by A.E. Simns.

Sundry, Deferred

1) It is commonly believed that if aliens exist and can take human form, they would not be able to replicate the complexities of the pinky joint. Aliens cannot bend their pinky fingers. Therefore it is imperative to shake everyone’s hand in order to see who can bend and who cannot.

2) The handshake is special.

3) The non-shake shakers such as babies, dogs, and the elderly are interesting, but they are not shakers.

4) The handshake is like any other tool, in that you should not use certain handshakes until you feel comfortable executing them properly.

5) The puppeteer is not necessarily the best handshaker.

6) The converse is true.

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