Literary Death Match at The Hideout

March 29, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

On April 1st 2010, the Hideout will be hosting a Literary Death Match. Which is going to be amazing. They happen all across the country, they are nervous, funny, carousing things and you ought to come. Doors open at 7:30. There will be djs and a whole lot of stress–way better than watching a reality tv show.

You Should Come!

(i’m reading)

A short recap: For the writers: bring work that you can read that will last seven minutes or less.  You can read whatever you feel most comfortable with, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, scream-lit. As for the order, we’re going to draw randomly on the spot.

Also, you’ll only do one reading of seven minutes or less.  If you make the finals, you’ll engage in a fun-time finale, along these lines:

For the judges: The key for judging is always: silliness over critique, as this is eons away from American Idol. As Andrew Sean Greer once noted: “judges are at their best when there’s loads of non-sequiturs.” As a friend recently said, “It’s not critique, it’s just them saying wherever their mind goes during the reading.” You can judge from a them you can make up, or go random.  Sometimes it’s best for people to just read off the notes they took. Point is: have fun.  Here’s an example from LDM Ep. 2: LDM London, Ep. 2: Judge-a-Thon!

Doors will open at 7:30, the show will start around 8:30. So please arrive by 8, and get settled — we’ll have a drink for you. Too, there’ll be dj’s after.

Also, add us on Twitter if you’d like: @litdeathmatch and/or @toddzuniga.  A Facebook invite is here, so if you want to be added, add me: And, of course, you’ll all get a +1.


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