Anthony Elms on Stephanie Brooks Re: Love Is A Certain Flower

March 23, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

We the editors were given the best kind of umbrage. Check out the following review in Chicago Art Review courtesy of one Anthony Elms who more or less talks about how awesome Stephanie Brooks is. I feel like I read this review and blushingly applauded. I’ve pasted the beginning here. Read the review in its entirety by going here. Or. Pick up a copy of the book and judge for yourself by going here.

Elms Choice: Stephanie Brooks’ Love is a Certain Kind of FlowerStephanie Brooks, Love is a Certain Kind of Flower

Sunday March 14th 2010, 6:43 pm
Filed under: Artists Books

A studio visit means an excuse to prepare by brushing up on the artist prior to the visit. This means research, you know what that is, how a brainiac pronounces procrastination. In anticipation of a visit this Monday with Stephanie Brooks, I can here and now recommend, just in time for Valentine’s Day (What is that you just said?), Ms. Brooks’ recent Love Is a Certain Kind of Flower, published by the fine folk(s) at Green Lantern Press.

Ms. Brooks has been known for sculptures that mingle a certain institutional display or delivery of decidedly not institutional thoughts and language. Sometimes the works literalize metaphor, at other times reinterpret abstract forms, and maybe even bring about ridiculous attempts to quantify and advertise those things we get nervous about being quantified and directed. You know, the kind of answer you just do not want to hear or read right now.

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